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In-office surgery (also referred to as office-based surgery), is surgery typically performed in an office surgery suite instead of an ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center) or hospital.


Office Surgery Centers™ team of experienced professionals are available every step of the way to ensure your in-office surgery center is a success. This includes:
  • Registered Nurses with first-hand experience in the creation, accreditation of, and the management of in-office surgery suites (in particular, cataract surgery suites)
  • Insurance professionals specializing in in-office insurance reimbursement agreement negotiations and special contracts

What are the benefits of an in-office surgery center?

  • Convenience and comfort for both patients and doctors
  • Improved efficiency
  • Elevates the practice in the eyes of both patients and the community
  • Creates staff excitement
  • Brings opportunity for potential additional service lines (RLE, ICL)
  • Produces financial savings by eliminating the outside surgery center

All while offering a safe and equal or better experience when compared to an outside facility.


What is in-office surgery?

In-office surgery (also referred to as office-based surgery), is surgery typically performed in an office surgery suite instead of an ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center) or hospital.v

What is an In-office Surgery Center?

An In-office Surgery Center™ is typically an accredited in-office surgery suite, usually located in a surgeon’s office or in a free-standing office. It often consists of an operating/procedure room, clean and…

What procedures are done in an In-office Surgery Center?

This varies by specialty, but the most common specialties performing in-office surgery are ophthalmology, plastic surgery, dentistry and oral maxillofacial surgery, ….



Office Surgery Centers™ founder, graduated from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 2002 and completed his Ophthalmology residency in surgical eye training at The Mayo Clinic in 2006. During his training, Dr. Nusz was impressed with the innovative design of both hospitals – in particular how operating room suites were attached to clinical patient exam areas. This up-close view of how the two eye care giants successfully married medical eye care with surgical eye care in a single location sparked Dr. Nusz’s interest in in-office surgery early on in his career.

“I can tell in the demeanor of our patients that they are so much more comfortable with in-office surgeries vs the ASC/hospitals. This really has been a win-win situation for everyone involved – we love seeing our patients so at-ease with surgery, we love giving our staff new opportunities with on-site surgeries, and we love the financial benefits it has provided.”
Oscar Kuruvilla, MD
“Wow! I needed cataract surgery just a few months after my husband, and I can’t believe the difference in our experiences as in-office surgery wasn’t available at the time of his surgery. To not have to drive an extra 20 minutes and to see the smiling faces of the nurses that we already know was SO NICE! What a great upgrade to your practice. Nice work!”
Lisa P.
“Being a part of something so innovative in our industry has really re-energized both myself and my peers. And the positive impact our new space has had on patients has been so great to see. I’m so thankful our practice took this leap!”
April S.
“Insurance reimbursed in-office cataract surgery is the best thing we have done since opening our practice - patients LOVE having surgery in our office! They are so much more at ease, their drivers love the convenience, and they love the cost savings. I love the efficiency and control that in-office surgery provides - plus the financial benefits to the practice are outstanding. The staff are excited and proud to ‘show and tell’ our in-office surgery. The best thing we’ve done!”
Timothy “Brooks” Owens, MD
“In-office cataract surgery was GREAT! I had my first eye at the surgery center and my second eye in-office. It was so much less scary in the office. Plus, I was in and out within an hour for my in-office surgery compared to 3 hours at the surgery center! I can’t recommend in-office surgery enough! “
Alan M's.
“I LOVE being part of in-office cataract surgery. Seeing the same patients through their entire process - when they come in for their eye exam through assisting in their surgery has been wonderful. It’s such a nice feeling to see the relief come over their faces and hear it in their voices when they recognize me at surgery. Plus - the surgery is so amazing… the technology and instrumentation are so advanced. To be involved in making such a change in someone’s life is so exciting!”
Michelle C.